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Experience cost-effective billing solutions designed specifically for ambulatory surgery centers. Our specialist ambulatory surgical center billing services provide effective revenue cycles by combining efficient claim processing and competitive pricing.  At Zenarc Solutions, we adapt to a variety of specialties, ensuring aggressive claim processing and efficient debt collection. Partner for a financially healthier purpose, resulting in strong income and growth for your ASC. Our personalized billing knowledge will improve the financial health of your ASC. Ensure timely claims and competitive pricing, improving your ASC revenue cycle for long-term financial success.

What is Ambulatory Surgical Center Billing?

Ambulatory surgical center billing services is a completely new scenario in which ambulatory surgery centers use a combination of hospital  billing services and physician billing, and the procedure is frequently convoluted depending on insurance companies’ approval of various CPT and HCPCS level II codes. Physicians billing services help medical offices handle claims better, make fewer mistakes, and get paid faster. When it comes to ambulatory surgical center billing services reimbursement or revenue payments, these operations are packaged together. Certainly, linked line items are paid with a single set reimbursement.

What are the Most Common Ambulatory Surgical Billing & Coding Errors?

One of the most prevalent coding errors is coding based on the procedure’s heading rather than the surgical report. Because only a few services are listed annually in the report, most ambulatory surgical center billing services procedures and other outpatient facilities wait for the entire report from the healthcare professional before billing for scheduled services.  The other typical issue is misreporting open and arthroscopic techniques as integrated procedures. It frequently occurs when operations are started arthroscopically and then converted to open surgery. Outpatient healthcare facilities must understand ambulatory billing systems to function well. The ambulatory billing procedure includes:


Ambulatory billing coding affects reimbursement and regulatory compliance. For correct patient diagnoses and operations, ICD and CPT codes are essential.

Claim Submission

Claim submission is crucial to electronic billing. Claims must be complete and compliant with standards. The claims should include patient data, diagnosis and procedure codes, and charges. 


This crucial stage determines whether the supplier is paid for services. Remember that Ambulatory surgical center reimbursement rates are lower than inpatient or hospital rates. Providers must understand the reimbursement process and negotiate attractive rates with payers to secure proper reimbursement.

Deny & Appeal

Healthcare workers must know why a denial was made and how to appeal. Written appeals should include any extra information or documentation. Successful appeals may have severe deadlines depending on the payer. Providers should challenge denials whenever possible.

The majority of these ambulatory surgical center billing services and coding teams incorrectly bill for both when just the open surgery needs to be coded. Remember that the above does not apply if the healthcare provider performs one surgery arthroscopically and another using the open approach.

How Do 24/7 Medical Billing Services Help To Enhance Revenue Cycle?

We aim to decrease bottlenecks in your billing procedures and ensure consistent cash inflows for your facility. From finding to closing flaws in your billing system, every move we make will increase your revenue. Our experts will work with your Ambulatory surgical center billing department  to maximize reimbursements and reduce denials. Our end-to-end medical billing and RCM solutions streamline your ambulatory surgical center billing services revenue cycle, ensuring a consistent flow of revenues. Providing surgical services is an essential task that cannot be tampered with. From EMR setup to denial management, our expertise will assist you with all aspects of your Revenue cycle management process. While your facility’s team is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare services, we will provide ongoing backend assistance to keep you running without concern for your budget.

Solve ASC Billing Issues with Zenarc Solutions

We secure your success by focusing on excellence and assembling a team of professionals. Our Ambulatory surgical center billing services professionals understand your specific requirements, giving the most cost-effective solution for  medical billing and coding. With our skilled staff, you can guarantee precision and avoid claim denials.  Address coding issues in the billing process.  Address the complex structure of ASCs in order to overcome billing issues.  That’s not all; working with us, we will assist you in lowering overhead costs such as medical billing staffing turnover. Optimize insurance processes for effective financial operations. Integrate secure patient data management into ASC invoicing. Our personalized ASC billing services take advantage of technological improvements, allowing you to focus on your core strengths while maintaining streamlined financial health.

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